One-on-one practical and emotional support to help you navigate the world of infertility.


You are not alone: According to the CDC, infertility is a disease that affects over 7.3 million Americans. Thirty percent of cases are due to Female factor infertility, another 30 percent is due to Male factor, and 10 percent is a combination of issues. Over 20 percent of cases are categorized as “unexplained infertility.”

While there is strength in numbers, one’s path through infertility can feel lonely and arduous. Surrounded by some of the most renown fertility centers, the Tri-State Area offers countless treatment options, but where does one begin? How does one cope with the grueling demands of monitored fertility cycles? What about insurance? Medications? Alternative treatments to help optimize your fertility?... Needless to say, navigating the world of infertility is overwhelming.

Having devoted my life to all things infertility (due to my personal experiences with it), combined with the invaluable support I received from a birth doula during my two pregnancies, I have created The Infertility Doula®.

As your infertility doula®, I will provide you with one-on-one support and guidance through your family building journey. I will always remain respectful of your personal choices and the decisions made with your doctors -- I do not make any medical or psychiatric recommendations.

My services entail:

  Emotionally supporting you through your cycles via regular in-person meetings and/or phone consultations.

  Accompanying you to your doctor visits.

  Helping you understand your diagnosis and options.

  Suggesting credible alternative treatments and resources.

  Offering transportation and care after your egg retrieval and/or embryo transfer.

  Providing continued support pertaining to residual sensitivities around infertility and pregnancy losses.

  Customizing my services based on your needs.

Contact me for details.


The Infertility Doula®.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor nor a therapist. I am not liable for cycle outcomes or injuries suffered as a result of any medical and/or alternative treatments.

One-on-one practical and emotional support to help you navigate the world of infertility.